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Church Litigation

Sharonrose has litigated or arbitrated church cases including 1st amendment religious freedoms, defamation, restraining orders to prevent disturbance of worship services, property disputes, church facilities construction disputes, pastoral selection or succession, trustee malfeasance, negligent supervision of minors, and other cases.

Litigation Counsel to Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Brokers, Businesses, Contractors, Owners and Individuals

Alternative Dispute Resolution Options

Litigaiton is time cconsuming and expensive but may be necessary to enforce and protect legal rights. Sharonrose encourages clients to mediate disputes to attempt to reach a settlement with the other party.  If a reasonable compromise cannot be reached, Sharonrose will aggressively defend and prosecute her clients' claims at trial and arbitration. There are three common types of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) options available to the parties by mutual agreement: (1) Mediation, (2) Arbitration and (3) Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE). Each of these forms of ADR are elective, private and involve a neutral professional (retired judge or attorney). The forms of ADR are described below. 

Mediation is a private proceeding in which a neutral professional mediator assists the parties to negotiate and enter into a binding written settlement agreement that resolves their claims and dispute. If litigation is pending, the signed settlement agreement can be enforced as a judgment. Mediation is a highly effective means for resolving litigation.

Arbitration is a private binding proceeding in which one or more neutral arbitrators hear the testimony and review the evidence presented by both sides and issue a binding award (decision) that can be enforced as a judgment in a court of law.

Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is a private proceeding in which a neutral professional evaluator who has expertise in the subject area of the case is retained at an early stage of the case to review the case to evaluate its strengths, weaknesses and value. An ENE evaluator is often able to assist the parties in negotiating a mediated settlement. 

Sharonrose Cannistraci is a litigator

and  strong advocate for her clients. 

Real Estate Litigation

Sh​aronrose Cannistraci is an experienced real estate attorney for over 25 years, with clients who have included mortgage brokers, real estate brokers, owners, landlords, tenants, buyers and sellers.

Her cases involve primarily real estate litigation, including breach or rescission of purchase contract or lease, broker negligence, mortgage fraud, broker commission disputes, easements, encroachments, and boundary disputes between neighbors and landowners, failure to disclose cases, landlord tenant disputes, unlawful detainer (commerical and residential evictions), land development disputes, grading violations and remediation, and wrongful foreclosure.

Construction Litigation

Sharonrose has over 25 years of construction litigation experience with construction clients including general contractors, subcontractors, owners, developers, and professional engineers. Construction litigation cases include breach of contract, public and private works, stop work notices, mechanic's lien cases, contract and delay claims, architect negligence, construction defects and mold remediation cases.

Business Litigation

Sharonrose has handled business litigation cases for over 25 years that include corporate clients, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, general partnership, joint ventures, start-ups and sole proprietors. She has handled contract disputes and other matters ranging from founder disputes to partnership dissolution actions and winding up of corporations.